Paleo Steak Tartare

Paleo Steak Tartare

The caveman diet at it’s finest and -I might add- most elegant. Raw Meat.

 Steak TartareIncredibly Good and Literally Raw Meat

Steak tartare is the dream that real steakhouses are made of. The quality and preparation of the meat speaks volumes about the establishment, which is why it’s on the menu of every great restaurant. The additions of capers, anchovies and spices taste great, (a link to a recipe is here) but here we’re just going for the starter version which translates into the cleanest and easiest method of making it.

Ingredients (2 servings, app size): 4 oz best quality meat you can find, 1 egg yolk, salt & butcher ground black pepper

A word about raw meat:
The misconception of consuming raw meat is certainly not without its merits, but the individual situations in which it’s presented alter the precautions necessary. It’s either “yes that’s safe” or “no, you’ll probably become violently ill” (to say the least). Grass-fed is much healthier than traditional grain-fed, but it’s not without bacteria. So what’s that mean? Don’t use chop meat. Use the best cut you can buy which should mean (but is not limited to) sirloin or tenderloin.

Steak in SaltSteak Soaking Up Some Salt

Regardless of how safe it is to eat, there’s still the lingering notion of swarms of bacteria. (At least for me there was). Chop the meant into an extremely small dice and make sure to remove sinews or any white parts. These negatively affect texture so get rid of them. Then, chop it again until it’s smaller. Add roughly 2 giant tablespoons of salt and cover it for at least an hour. The salt draws out some of the moisture, it gets rid of bacteria and it makes me feel better. Cover and let sit in the refrigerator for 1-3 hours. Rinse well. Then re rinse and pat dry. Try to remove as much salt as possible, so re rinse it if you need to. It will have lost some of its volume from the salt but that’s okay. The flavor will actually be more concentrated and less uncooked tasting.

Next, break up the egg yolk. Add the meat back in and mix until well combined. Season (with more salt if you want) and butcher ground black pepper. Eat immediately. :)